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Lady Sharon Wynn is an author, recording artist, song writer and inspirational speaker. She is a mother of five beautiful children and one granddaughter. Most importantly she is an anointed Woman of God. Lady Wynn was born and raised in Reno, Nevada to her father the late Pastor W. J. Wynn and mother Rochelle Wynn (Anderson). She is the eighth sibling of nine children. Lady Wynn was called by God into the ministry at the early age of 10 years old and later co-pastored a ministry for several years. She has continued to minister to people from all walks of life. Lady Wynn aspired to continue her education and obtained a bachelor degree in biblical studies from Sacramento Theological Seminary.

Lady Wynn was perfectly designed to fulfill a mandated assignment to write, speak and sing with a message of hope to reach those who feel they are facing hopeless situations. Her prayer is that though her ministry lives will be changed, renewed and restored.

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