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• The saved are strengthened

• The unsaved accept Christ Jesus

• The undecided can clearly see 
   the path to take


• Gospel Concerts

• Weddings

• Funerals

• Conferences

• Revivals

*We minister at various Christian-type events 

(not limited to above list).

The Ministry

The Movement

The Daughters of Christ (D.O.C.) is a four-member female Christian independent gospel group, organized on May 16, 2008. The D.O.C. Roster consists of Traycee Fagans, LaTonya McDaniel, Shelia McIntosh, and Petrina Williams Rush.  Each “Daughter” is an active member of the Macedonia Baptist Church of Sacramento, California where the Pastor is Jeffrey Johnson II.  The Daughters serve in several church ministries including multiple choirs, praise and worship teams, the Theatrical Arts Ministry, Christian Education, Women’s Ministry, Outreach Ministry, faculty at Sunday School, the Trustee Ministry, and Youth Ministry.  As a contemporary gospel group, the Daughters of Christ provide listeners with a melodious blend of traditional “churchy” gospel arrangements and edgier “get on your feet” grooves laced with unique beats and tight harmonies.  The Daughters of Christ offer listeners a complete worship and praise experience, and supports the group’s vision, which is to inspire and give hope to the world by sharing their faith in Jesus Christ through song. D.O.C. has been nominated Best Gospel Group in Sacramento and the Bay Area, multiple categories for the Rhythm of Gospel and Radio Alliance Awards, Best Gospel Group for the SHEMA Gospel Awards in South Africa, Best Video of the Year and Best Album of the Year for IGAA Awards, charted on the Billboard and Grammy nominated. Some places the Daughters have ministered at are California Gospel Cruise to Ocho Rios, Jamaica & Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, Sacramento and Company (Channel10 News in Sacramento), California State Baptist Conventions, Juneteenth Festival, Sacramento's Black Expo, a live broadcast on SPIRIT IN YOU TV, CA Legislative Black Caucas, Woman in Me Symposium, NorCal GMWA James Cleveland & Helen Stephens-Voices of Christ Legacy Tribute, Northern District Baptist (NDBWA) Women's Auxiliary program, a number of church functions, including Sacramento area church anniversary celebrations, fund raisers, musicals and revivals. D.O.C.'s primary focus is sharing their faith in Jesus Christ through song. D.O.C. desires to spread God’s Word to all who have an ear and is willing to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Whatever the individual situation or need is, D.O.C.'s continual aim is to offer Christ.

Tracy Fagans


LaTonya McDaniel


Shelia McIntosh


Petrina Williams Rush


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