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Evangelist Leisa Wynn-Johnson is a vessel being used by God to impact the lives of his people. She accepted the call to minister the Word of God as a young adult, while serving under the pastorage of her parents, the late Rev. Willie J. Wynn and Mother Rochelle Wynn.

She is the wife of Supt. Harold Johnson, Il, and serves in numerous areas at her local church including Women's Department President and Minister of Music. She is known as a working First Lady because she willingly and diligently labors wherever there is a need.

Evangelist Wynn-Johnson has a passion for outreach, and a gift of connecting with people and winning them to the Kingdom. Her outreach style much like her speaking style, is down-to-earth, practical and engaging, granting her a broad appeal amongst people from all walks of life. A large part of her outreach focus is women who have experienced various life traumas. Armed with a powerful testimony of her personal experience of God's power, she has been graced to mentor and help rebuild hurting women. She is coordinator of the annual Sister 2 Sister Conference, which sponsors charitable outreach to victims of domestic violence as well as displaced and impoverished families.

She is the mother of 8 children who assist in the ministry in various capacities.

Evangelist Wynn-Johnson attended Sacramento Theological Seminary, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biblical Studies, and a Master's Degree in Christian Counseling. Her focus and the driving force in her ministry is that when all is said and done, only what we do for Christ will last.

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