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Evangelist Jacquelyn Joyce Melton is a blessing to the body of Christ, as her ministry has been birthed out of the perfect will of God.  Now at the age of 40, Evangelist Jackie has been in ministry for 23 years.  Through all of her life's ups and downs, she remains dedicated and consecrated to the ministry.   As a powerful preacher, prolific teacher and gifted psalmist, Evangelist Jackie abides in the anointing of God. Many have described her as a lady with a sweet disposition, but when she opens her mouth, the very power of God hits like a tornado.

As the founder and CEO of Elevate Ministries with Jackie Melton, she is blessed to be sought after as a keynote speaker, revivalist, event host and workshop clinician.  In 2005 Evangelist Jackie returned to school to complete a Graphic Design program. After graduating in 2006, she immediately launched her business- JJMJ Design Firm/ WordWorks Ink., a company geared towards excellence in "sacred media".   She has worked with many great clients such as the late Bishop Walter Hawkins (which included printed work for his national home-going service), Edwin Hawkins, UC Berkeley and countless churches, ministries and others.  Evangelist Jackie is also co-owner of the cosmetic company Divinity Cosmetics. Currently, Evangelist Jackie is releasing her first book entitled "Let There Be Light: Attacking the spirit of depression". 

Evangelist Jackie is the proud mother of two beautiful children, Jordan and Joshua. She and her family are members of the Antioch Church Family, under the dynamic leadership of her uncle, Dr.   R. Mario Howell, where she serves as the church administrator. 

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